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    Patrick Kane
    Taylor Wiseman & Taylor
    Patrick is a partner in Taylor Wiseman & Taylor and is responsible for the implementation and development of TWT’s GIS technology, is the firm’s GIS Manager, as well as a Senior Project Manager, based in the firm’s Mt. Laurel, NJ headquarters. Pat joined TWT in 1985 and is responsible for planning and design of land development and redevelopment projects throughout southern New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania.

    Active in the Builders League of Southern NJ, NJ Builders Association, URISA, MAC-URISA, Patrick earned dual degrees in Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering from Drexel University. He is licensed as a Professional Engineer in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
    Rick Ricciardi
    Marathon Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc.
    Mr. Ricciardi has over 35 years of experience in all phases of federal and state permitting procedures and regulatory agency compliance including the preparation of permit applications under Section 404 of the federal Clean Water Act; Section 10 of the U.S. Rivers and Harbor Act; CAFRA; Freshwater and Coastal Wetlands, Waterfront Development; New Jersey Pinelands Commission, and Water Quality Management Plan Amendments.  He has completed numerous environmental inventories, environmental assessment/impact statements, and wetland delineations and mitigation proposals.  
    Stephane Gouttebaron
    Ferguson Enterprises
    Showroom Manager
    Timothy Bergen
    Cashel, LLC
    Account Facilitator
    I am the Accounts Facilitator with Cashel; this means that if you are a customer or vendor of ours, you will very likely be speaking to me!  I do double duty as gatekeeper, researcher, data manipulator.  My hobbies included wine and hiking.
    Jennifer Boyle
    Melissa Allen
    Friedman, LLP
    Senior Manager
    With over 18+ years of experience I provide services tailored specific to the economic, regulatory, and day-to-day operations specific to the construction industry.  I understand that a contractor’s success is the sum of many parts; effective management, competitive bids, timely completion of work and sound financial advice.  Therefore, I am able to provide services beyond an audit or preparation of business tax returns.  Those services ensure my clients are armed with the most accurate and helpful information and analyses when a transaction is on the agenda – from valuing acquisitions, structuring transactions to meet financial and tax objectives, to providing restructuring and or succession planning.  I have also provided CFO consulting services for expanding construction companies.
    Nicole Umosella
    INTEX Millwork Solutions
    Director of Customer Services
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