• The Company Pet: Paver, American Asphalt Company

    Though Paver, our company cat, is not an employee he is going to get some #recognition! Paver was your typical ally cat... a little straggly, a little skinny but so loving.

    The employees noticed what a sweet boy he is, and decided that he needed some #TLC! We've all pitched in to get his shots up to date.

    Over the winter Paver was very sick, everyone helped pay for the vet bills to get him better. The employees donated time in taking him to the vet, making him a condo, and buying him food and a bed.

    Today, he is a happy and healthy member of the American Asphalt family!

    Do you have a company pet hanging out at your office or shop? Send us a photo and we will publish your Company MVP (Most Valuable Pet) in the newsletter and our social media pages.  Email it to rick@blsj.com.


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