• Member Spotlight: The Barclay Group

    June 06, 2019
    Company:  The Barclay Group

    Address: 202 Broad Street, Riverton, NJ 08077
    Contact Name: Robert Nuss
    Phone # & e-mail: cell: 856-829-1594 ext. 1262, rnuss@barclayinsurance.com

    Years in business: 74 years

    Years in the Builders League of South Jersey: 14 years

    What products and services does your company provide?

    Construction Insurance, Business Insurance, Worker's Compensation Insurance, General Liability Insurance & Auto and Home Insurance

    Has your company recently won any awards?

    Best Insurance Agency in Burlington County for the last 20 years.

    Have you performed any community service or charitable efforts within the last year?

    Volunteer Days at the Food Bank of South Jersey, helping prepare meals for the Food Bank
    to distribute to those in need.

    What do you see are the most important issues in the building industry today?

    New Jersey Statute of Repose & Statute of Limitations regarding Construction Defect Claims.

    Bob Nuss, VP
    (856) 829-1594
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