• Member Spotlight: SoJay Property Management

    Company: SoJay Property Management

    Address: 149 Delaware Avenue, Woodbury, NJ  08096
    Contact Name: Kathy Mulholland
    Phone # & e-mail: 856-686-5900; kathy@pmisojay.com

    Years in business: 4
    Years in the Builders League of South Jersey: One month
    What products and services does your company provide?

    We offer property management services for Homeowner’s Associations (HOA), Condo Associations (COA) and real estate investors with residential or commercial properties. 

    What do you see are the most important issues in the building industry today?

    Right now, the effects of COVID which everyone is struggling with.  The most important issues now and the same issues that have always existed.  As an owner offering competitive rates but also paying employees a fair wage. 

    Based on my 25 years in the construction industry, probably finding workers who either have the skill or want to learn is an important issue. 

    I have worked in construction since 1983 starting as a secretary, then to a mechanic shop for three years then into sales.  I worked for Cornell & Co, Diamond Tool and Fasteners, Ransome CAT and Johnson Controls then started a property management business. 


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