• Member Spotlight: HelpForce, LLC DBA Alexandre Contracting

    Company: HelpForce, LLC  DBA  Alexandre Contracting
    Address: 204 Ark Road, Suite 208-M   Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054
    Contact Name: Eunide Alexandre
    Phone # & e-mail: (856) 372-9202  - ea@alexandrecontracting.com
    Years in business: 1
    Years in the Builders League of South Jersey: 3 months
    What products and services does your company provide?
    We are a construction company specializing in soft demolition, construction, and debris removal services for commercial, residential and public projects within the South Jersey and Philadelphia area.
    Our Services: We provide demolition and removal of waste from both
    interior and exterior work in preparation of renovation, remodeling, or redecoration projects. Our services include customized removal of dry walls, floors, ceilings, partitions, windows, and fixtures, and a variety of other strip outs services at our clients’ locations.
    Disposal of Demolition Wastes: After safe demolition, based on the nature of the materials, we transport them to recycling stations or dispose of them accordingly at a landfill in South Jersey or Philadelphia.
    Waste removal & disposal: We offer fast, flexible and efficient on-demand management and handling of debris and waste materials, including transportation and proper disposal.
    Our Team: We have a team of trained, skilled, and highly experienced professionals. This enables us to diligently serve our customers with utmost honesty and integrity while fully complying with the applicable safety policies and protocols, consistent with sound environmental practices.
    Our Range of Services includes: Professional interior & exterior demolition of residential & commercial facilities. Deconstruction and interior soft strip outs of walls, floors and ceilings.

    • Manual
    • Customized
    • Interior & exterior
    • Selective & Soft strip out
    • Light
    • Interior & exterior strip out of all non-structural elements including walls, floors and ceilings, siding and more.
    Waste Hauling
    • Bulky trash
    • Office & Buildings
    • Demolition removal
    • Construction debris removal
    • Construction clean up
    • Labor, transportation & disposal
    Our Customers: We have provided demolition and related services for various clients and properties, including:
    • Contractors
    • Homeowners
    • Business owners
    • Property managers
    • Renovation companies
    • Remodeling companies
    • Retail stores
    • Warehouses
    • Realtors
    Has your company recently won any awards?

    As a new and upcoming, but focused, company committed to making positive
    impacts on both our customers and the community in general, we believe that with
    the momentum we have created, with the dedication and talent of our workforce,
    and with increased activity and visibility in the industry, we will soon be winning
    relevant awards in recognition of our talents and achievements.

    Have you performed any community service or charitable efforts within the last year?

    As part of our company ethos, we believe in giving back to society. It has been our
    privilege to do the following in the relatively short period of time we have been in
    operation, and we look forward to many more opportunities to serve the community:
    • We organized a food drive in Philadelphia last year and fed 120 homeless people
    on Christmas
    • On a personal level, I have organized monthly meetings (in-person) for people
    (primarily elderly) with Parkinson’s. This entails:
    • Offering emotional support
    • Providing referrals to organizations able to provide even more assistance
    • Sharing information and resources to assist the participants and their
    families to remain independent for as long as possible.
    • Assistance in finding needed solutions to a topic, issue, or information,
    which individuals and families want to know, but are unable to find due to lack of
    technology to search the internet, or difficulty in using available computers.
    Due to Covid-19 health restrictions, I have been compelled to suspended in-person
    engagements. However, I do maintain contact via phone calls and other forms of
    communication so that I still can assist in whatever ways I am able in this
    extraordinary time.
    What do you see are the most important issues in the building industry today?
    There are several important issues in today’s building industry. Unusual times bring unusual challenges and also opportunities for unusual and innovative solutions. Our credo at AC is that skill and adaptation to technology are paramount, and that safety first is at the top of our list. 
    The onus is on construction companies to ensure more safety education and facilitate strict adherence to OSHA safety protocol measures. As a company offering demolition service, we understand this, and take it most seriously. The building industry is unfortunately more prone to injuries and hazards, and leads all other industries when we count work-related deaths. It is the obligation of all of us in management to do what we can to educate and train for safety, and to minimize risk and injury.

    Since we work more with machines and heights than do most other workers, we must give even more serious attention to safety issues and practices. In addition, sound environmental practices must be strictly adhered to during all phases of demolition, from the beginning of work and continuing through the handling and ultimate disposal of generated waste.
    Ongoing training is critical in order to enhance safety and prevent accidents at construction sites. But it is clear that entry training alone is not enough; companies have to incorporate into their schedules regular training on the latest trends and safety practices in the industry.
    Industry players also must focus on meeting the strict OSHA safety guidelines, investing in ongoing workplace safety training programs, and building an effective safety culture. This will help reduce the current increasing number of deaths and injuries and improve other work-related health conditions. At AC, we are passionate about taking safety seriously.
    COVID-19 has also posed a serious challenge to every industry, and not least the building industry.  It has not only affected how businesses operate but also has changed our personal lives and put a focus on protecting personal health as well as traditional safety concerns. As the industry contemplates suitable mechanical safety protocols to be put in place, it is imperative that it implement adequate measures to protect its workers from COVID-19 as well.
    Technology is also a big challenge for the industry today. COVID-19, in particular, has vividly identified many technological challenges, and exposed areas which are ripe for improvement. Safe utilization of construction machinery is not the only challenge, as machines and equipment have been used in construction for decades. Today, the industry faces additional challenges such as using software and technology for effective project management and protection of personal health.
    For example, there are several project management software products now available that will make scheduling, planning, and communication more effective. Unfortunately, there has been under-utilization of these available software tools. The reality on the ground is that the building industry, and indeed, the construction industry as a whole, has lagged in embracing technology, failing to recognize the benefits and improvements it can bring.
    At AC, we strongly believe that incorporating technology in our project operations will enhance personal and physical safety for everyone involved and introduce a seamless working environment devoid of common errors that have plagued the industry for a long time.
    Technology makes processes run faster, easier and improves efficiency. Calculations, scheduling, and planning do not have to stop during a pandemic, because there are technological tools available that will ensure continuity when one-on-one meetings are impossible.
    It is our strong belief at AC that if the problems of safety and technology are well tackled, the productivity of the building industry will rise to an all-time high. This will make the industry an attractive career for the members of Generation Y, and help propel the growth of the industry to a higher level.


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