• Member Spotlight: Tri-State Engineering & Surveying, PC (TSE)

    Tri-State Engineering & Surveying, PC  (TSE)
    900 Route 168 Unit i-3
    Turnersville, NJ 08012
    Contact Name:Joe Mancini

    Years in business:  9
    Years in the Builders League of South Jersey:   Just joined!
    What products and services does your company provide?   Site Civil Engineering, Land Surveying  &  Land Planning.
    Has your company recently won any awards?   We were voted as "Best of Biz" as a reader's choice or editors choice several years in a row by South Jersey Biz Magazine.
    Have you performed any community service or charitable efforts within the last year?  TSE is an annual supporter of  Hydromissions International where our own Caitlin Terry spearheads multiple missions to build and educate in communities around the world  in need of access to clean safe drinking water.  We are also annual supporters of the Front Row Foundation which delivers front row experiences for people and their families facing life-threatening illnesses. 

    What do you see are the most important issues in the building industry today?
    One important issue is that the new NJDEP  Stormwater Rules require a completely different approach to site design.  More than just encouraging "non-structural strategies" as the prior rules have,  the new Rules require Green Infrastructure as the primary method of addressing stormwater runoff - this is going to change how we lay out sites from the initial planning stage.

    What are you excited about for 2021?
    Growth!   We're excited to continue growing internally,  continuously improving and expanding our team (we are #hiring)  and externally by expanding our sphere with BLSJ.  We're also excited to contribute and be a resource to the BLSJ community.


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