• Distinguished Service Award presented to Rick Hoff

    November 16, 2017
    Rick Hoff, Bisgaier Hoff was presented with the League's Distinguished Service Award at the MAME Awards ceremony held at Lucien's Manor in Berlin on November 15, 2017.

    The BLSJ Distinguished Service Award is presented to a member who has been the recipient of either the Builder of the Year or the Associate of the Year and who has continued to provide outstanding service to the industry.
    In 2015, the New Jersey Builders Association launched an aggressive litigation strategy to combat the statewide push-back on affordable housing as the result of several court decisions.
    Rick Hoff and his firm Bisgaier Hoff represented NJBA in the lengthy fair share methodology trial involving Mercer County Mount Laurel cases.
    The Mercer County case actually consisted of two trials. In the first trial, the parties put on extensive testimony and documentary evidence concerning fair share numbers for the period 2015-2025.
    A second trial was needed when the New Jersey Supreme Court issued its opinion directing the trial courts to also calculate fair share numbers for the “gap years” (1999-2015).
    While there has been no decision yet from the judge, these trials became critically important since judges from around the state are waiting to see what the outcome is in Mercer County rather than holding trials in other counties.
    The implications of the Mercer County trial will have a major impact on builders across New Jersey.  Rick Hoff and his donated hundreds of hours of their time in representing builders in BLSJ and NJBA.

    Rick Van Osten
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