• BLSJ 2021 Grand Sponsor Profile: Peterman Maxcy Associates

    Builders League of South Jersey Grand Sponsor Peterman Maxcy Associates, LLC, is a full service multidiscipline engineering, land surveying and planning firm serving New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

    With more than 50 years’ experience on its team, Peterman Maxcy Associates has proven experience in surveying, planning, design and construction management of land development and infrastructure projects.

    Founded in 2006, the firm is licensed to provide engineering, surveying and planning services in New Jersey and land surveying services in Pennsylvania. The engineering and design department is familiar with unique design criteria standards of complex projects. From the design of commercial projects to solving unique problems in storm drainage, site planning, and utilities, we are fast, efficient, and dependable. The surveying department utilizes the latest technology such as robotic total stations, RTK GPS system, electronic data collection, etc.

    Contact: Peterman Maxcy Associates, LLC
    189 S. Lakeview Drive, Suite 101
    Gibbsboro, NJ 08026
    Tel: 856.282.7444 · Fax: 856.282.7443


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